Thursday, July 28, 2011

My 6th Grade Graduate!

Here's a 2 page layout I did last night.  It's of my daughter's sixth grade graduation day. Although her school colors are blue and gold, I opted to have the page match her dress (something she seldom wears these days!). Oh where did my little girl go....... I hope I'm ready for her to be a middle school student!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Repurpose Idea.....

Anyone that knows me knows I love going to Garage Sales (that's what they call them usually in Vermont).  I love to scout out things for my craft room along with items for my girls.  Last Saturday I found this really cool 'Sewing Basket' (that's what it was labeled on the tag) for $2.00.  

Anyway, I bought it without any thought of what I would put inside.  After looking around my craft area, I decided it was the perfect place for some of my glitters and chalks (I'm fairly new at the whole glitter and chalking world as you can see from the photo?!).  Here is what it looks like now that it is filled.....

What have you repurposed in your craft space?

DCWV Layout Challenge

As you all can tell, I needed a little push to get my scrapbook mojo going (and to update my blog)!  This challenge seemed like the perfect one to attempt since I'm a 2-page layout type of gal!  I decided to use the Green Stack from DCWV that has been calling me since I purchased it along with my daughter's Casella Waste Mgmt. contest win photos!  This day was quite special for my daughter since she is the youngest and tends to think all the good things happen for her sister (which isn't true, but when you are 9 and your sister is 12.... it just seems that way!).  Anyway..... in December my daughter will be receiving (10) 2012 calendars with her picture as one of the 13 (12 months and 1 cover picture).  Congratulations again to my sweet daughter, Michalyn!

Thanks for looking!  (In the photo is one of the Casella Family members, too!  I thought it was nice they sent an actual family member to give the award!)