Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Cricut is so pretty!

Okay..... before I finish for the night I had to share my pretty Cricut dust cover I purchased off of Ebay!  I love everything Country --- so my cover fits in perfectly!  I now want to cover my chairs in the room in matching fabric! 

My Scrap-Craft Area

We recently finished off our basement!  Yeahhhh!!  This means I now have my own dedicated craft space!  I will tell you that it's not the prettiest space but it's more than I could ever want!  It's my slice of heaven!

Above:  This is my work station.  We purchased the cabinets for $100 off of Craigslist!  My Cricut cartridges sit on a shelf my Brother-In-Law made me a few years ago!  

Above:  This is where I keep some of my scrapbooks!  On the bottom shelf are boxes with miscellaneous scrapbook stuff (adhesive ribbons, embellishments, etc).  To the right is an old milk box that I use to hold a bunch of yarn for other crafts.

Above:  This is my ribbon station.  I keep some of my spool ribbon here for easy access!  My kids enjoy having it open and easy to get to for crafting!  The crafting scissors they love, too!  The tote on the right holds a bunch of my miscellaneous items.

Above:  This is an old kitchen island that we used at our old house.  In the middle area it holds stickers/embellishments in the right clear box, chipboard and modge podge in the middle box, and 8x11 paper on the right box.  The bottom is storage for photos, mini-sewing machine, and many other items!


Above:  This is my scrapbook paper storage.  It's an old Yaffa Block shelf.  It's the perfect width and depth to hold my scrapbook paper storage boxes from Michael's.  I have them separated by categories.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll show more of my scrap area at another time!

Thank You Gifts - Gift Card Carrier

I was looking for a way to thank my co-leads for Girl Scouts for helping me throughout the year.  Since everyone today seems to be a coffee drinker (except for ME!), I thought I would give them a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts (they could buy donuts, too!!).  Here is how I presented the gift cards!  The mugs were from Rite-Aid!

Bouquets, Bookmarks, and more!

These were some bookmarks I made for my Girl Scouts for Bridging. I think they came out pretty good for a new Cricut owner!

This is the sign I made to try and recruit new leaders to Girl Scouts. I wish I knew about using a laser level when I did the word 'Become' in the middle of the sign.

These were 2 of the teacher bouquets I made last Spring. I used buckets from The Christmas Tree Shop (love that store)!

Cartridge image library made easy!

Have you ever wanted to have a quick place to see what's on each cartridge? Click here to see the list of cartridges and images available! They have most of the old carts and many of the new carts! Thanks for making things so easy!

Sharing more layouts (pre-blog)

Since I'm new to the 'blog world', here are some previous layouts I did using my cricut and other materials! I hope you enjoy!

More Layouts (pre-blog)

More Layouts (pre-blog)!

February 28th Layout -- Preschool Graduation

Who can forget the day that my baby girl graduated from Preschool? Here is a layout that brings all those joyous memories back to life!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rain, rain wouldn't go away......for that wonderful soccer day!

Can you tell my daughter just played a full game of soccer in the RAIN? I was hoping throughout the game that the photographer would cancel this picture session (which was to be after the game) - however, now looking back I love the memories! This season was a little wet..... and the picture reminds me of sitting on the sidelines watching my girl play in the rain!

The Perfect Ride

What is better than a carousel ride on a Kindergarten field trip?! My daughter enjoyed seeing many of the old buildings at the Shelburne Museum, however, the real treat was the carousel ride! I think she rode it more times than I could count that day! I decided to make this page about that ride!

Products used: DCWV paper, prima flowers, Making Memories brads, ribbon, and Stickles.
(Please note: The ribbon was adjusted after this image was taken)