Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl Scout Craft -- Duct Tape Bag

Did you know that AC Moore sells some VERY cool duct tapes?  Our ACM just opened a couple weeks ago and I've already fallen in love with the store!  Since the store had duct tape on sale last week for 2/$7.00 (and everything I do I am budget conscious in GS), I decided to make our next craft project (for fashion!) using duct tape!  After doing some research online and finding the Duck Brand website, I decided that a bag was the perfect craft for my troop!  Here is the sample I made!

What do you think of this craft?  I know my daughters are very excited to make one of their own at our next meeting!

My Cricut Station

 I truly love my Cricut Green station!  My daughter picked out the color and all for me!